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Biopets Ionic CO2 Spa Tablets 100 Pack
8 April, 2019
Biopets Bespoke Foaming Showerhead
8 April, 2019
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Biopets Foaming Showerhead

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This Showerhead will change the way you groom, the Shampoo dispensing feature is easy to use, with a 100ml shampoo container you control the amount of Shampoo is dispensed with a valve on the top, you can turn anticlockwise to stop dispensing and engage rinse mode. On the nozzle there are 8 different shower modes to choose from.

Connects straight to a standard Shower Hose using a 0.5″ BSP fitting.

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This shampoo dispensing showerhead features 8 different nozzle types.

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Showerhead Colour

Black, Any other Colour (Bespoke Refinishing+£20.00)

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