20 April, 2019

Biopets Dog Bath Features

8 April, 2019

Reward Points Explained.

8 April, 2019

Massage Jets

The feeling the dogs will experience when they enter a Biopets Hydrotherapy Spa is one of bliss. As the fatigue flows away and folds into relaxation emptying the dogs mind and body of tension.
8 April, 2019

Detoxifying Dog Bath

Our latest hydrotherapyspa system, functions exactly as a traditional human whirlpool spa bath, only we build them for dogs.
8 April, 2019

Ionic Deep Clean

The Ionic Circulation pump which is fitted to the best Dog Bath / Hydrotherapy Spa Bath which money can buy, the Biopets Ionic, is designed to create millions of microscopic negatively charged Anionic bubbles which are easily small enough to fit in and around the root of the hair.